PokkaMS V117

Rules for chat.

Well Basically rules are to be followed if not you will be ban from the chat.

Please be sure that this chat is only for leisure chat & helps in server .

Please Do not ask for GM or any position.

Please do not ask how to create a server this people will not be tolerate and straight ban will be done.

Please do not spam.[do not repeat the same message again and again it will be counted as spamming]

Please do not advertise in the chat box.

Please do not use caps lock all the way.

Please do not  post any links unless it's downloads for PokkaMs if not links will be deleted.

Do follow all the rules and rules will be updated.

No Using of rude language such as vulgarities.

Do Not Ask Question like, How many people is playing or online in this server/PokkaMs?


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